Ukrainian Ministry of Health, together with WHO started work on the development of the National Policy of drug supply

February, 24, 2016

In response to the request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine came WHO European mission, which held a working consultation and methodological meeting of moderators subgroups engaged in the process of developing national policies on medical support. Scientific and methodological coaching session headed by Director of health technologies and medicines, WHO Regional Office for Europe Hanne Bak Petersen involving employee Department Guillaume Dede, WHO expert on ensuring the quality of medicines Jean-Michel Kodrona and national specialist for the pharmaceutical software WHO office in Ukraine Stanislav Knyazkova. Ministry of Health of Ukraine presented the First Deputy Minister Alexander Pavlenko, who coordinates the legal framework for future national drug policy support.
Opening the first meeting of WHO experts working with national experts Ukraine, Oleksandr Pavlenko said that 2016 should be a turning point in the methodology of drug provision Ukraine, it is one of the objectives set in the process of reforming the health care system. And also stressed that the development of national policies to ensure medical Ukraine will focus on WHO recommendations. “The Ministry stresses the importance and necessity of formulating state policy in the field of medicines and establishing mechanisms for implementation, monitoring effectiveness in achieving the set objectives and priorities. Based on international standards, technical and methodological support of the World Health Organization is now very urgent and valuable for all stakeholders, “- she said.